PJ Wiebel, CEO, Econo-PakPJ Wiebel, CEO
With over 1000 employees and 40 years of experience, Econo-Pak dedicates itself to quality, innovation, communication, efficiency, and continued reinvestment. Today, three generations of the Wiebel family have made Econo-Pak a premier North American repackaging company. PJ Wiebel, CEO of Econo-Pak, states, “We’re a family-owned business. We are not owned by private equity, and we do not have partners. We try to run it as if people here are part of our family.”

As a premier packaging services provider, Econo-Pak works closely with its customers to solve problems – often at their own expense – which comes in the form of investing in machinery and other materials that allow the company to excel in its domain. Econo-Pak delivers contract packaging services to businesses of all sizes, from small to Fortune 500 companies. The company enables customers to get their products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible while ensuring that its services go beyond the industry’s highest standards.

With 270,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities, Econo-Pak offers diverse packaging solutions to satisfy customer needs. Some of Econo-Pak’s offerings include Flow wrapping, VFFS bagging, cartoning, powder filling, variety packs, and stand-up pouches. Over the last ten years, the company has invested a lot of money in upgrading equipment to make it computerized and Servo-based. One area in particular that gained a new equipment makeover was the flow wrapping department. With over 30 new servo flow wrappers in-house, the upgraded equipment provides more reliability for production and allows clients to save time and money. In addition to the flow wrapping upgrades, Econo-Pak has been increasing the number of automated processes factory-wide.

Econo-Pak’s contract packaging solutions were beneficial to a mashed potato company that needed stand-up pouches for their product. The customer came with a couple of different SKUs and had a significant volume. Econo-Pak was able to address their needs by putting together a line layout, designing, and even sourcing the equipment necessary to bring the concept of the particular stand-up pouch to fruition for the client.
In another instance, Econo-Pak had a large client that started off with a new product with a small volume that grew to tremendous volume over a 3-year period. The client came to Econo-Pak in search of a discount due to the new large volume. Econo-Pak engineers worked closely with their equipment vendors to develop a new custom-built line for the product line. Econo-Pak purchased 2 lines and was able to reduce their client’s costs 25 percent while across the board, costs were going up in the last 2 years during the pandemic. The new lines will also help the future growth of the product line.

Instead of making their clients take the financial strain, Econo-Pak takes on the investment necessary to bring the product packaging to life. “We aim to look at the big picture and come up with a plan to develop the most, efficient production lines to maximize output and reduce client costs,” says Wiebel. The goal is to become an extension of our clients and work with them as a cohesive unit.
  • Our job as contract packagers is to provide our clients with high quality service at a fixed cost

Econo-Pak serves multiple industries, including retail, supermarkets, club/wholesale stores, pharmacy, airline packaging, convenience store packaging, food services, CBD products, and more. Keeping true to its ideals of honesty and integrity, Econo-Pak displays its certifications boldly. Some of the certifications Econo-Pak has achieved include Safe Quality Food Certification (SQF Level 3), FDA-Compliant, Costco Safety, Quality Audit Certification, Organic Certified, and Gluten-Free Certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

Every member of the Econo-Pak team who worked every day during the pandemic has shown what it takes to be the premier contract packaging company on the East Coast— located amongst densely populated areas like Washington DC and New York.