Robert Sweet, Director of Sales, Bennett Packaging& DisplaysRobert Sweet, Director of Sales
Steve Jobs once said, “Packaging can be a theatre, it can create a story.”


They say never judge a book by its cover unless it’s product packaging—the key to win customers’ hearts. Packaging solicits the customer and encourages impulse purchases, thereby setting the tone for a tangible experience for the buyer. This is precisely why companies today invest considerable effort in creating a distinctive design that distinguishes them from the competition. In one such similar case, a pet-product seller was searching for designs that could better display their dog bones. Their relentless search for cost-effective and unique alternatives led them to Bennett Packaging & Displays (Bennett)—a company where “imagination meets corrugation.” Bennett’s creative service department analyzed the customer’s needs and brought to the table different prototypes that could work effectively with regard to the requirements. Backed by its award-winning graphic and structural design, a wide array of printing capabilities, unmatched industry expertise, and much more, Bennett changed the incumbent designs into alluring ones and put the bones on the cards for display. Credits to the dexterity of Bennett, the pet products supplier witnessed a massive cost reduction of almost 35 percent with regard to packaging and retail displays and experienced better engagement with its buyers.

This is one of the many success stories that Bennett has scripted since its inception in 1987. Founded by Doug and Kathy Bennett, this now woman-owned business has grown to become one of the largest independent corrugated manufacturers in North America over the years. A full-service solutions-based company, Bennett designs and manufactures virtually anything from customized corrugated solutions, retail packaging, retail displays, and even provides contract packaging and necessary supplies.

Having started its journey in the gaming industry, Bennett gradually utilized its longstanding expertise to cater to diverse industries–agriculture, chemical, turf & ornamental, beverage, wine and spirits, retail, health, food and beverage, and more. “We are a one-stop-shop. Be it executing complete design, printing, die-cutting, gluing, and contract packaging, we can do them all,” remarks Robert Sweet, Director of Sales, at Bennett Packaging & Displays. With its fully-integrated design-to-delivery process, Bennett has evolved as a single supplier source for its customers, and creates custom solutions tailored to its customers’ needs—be it new product launches or ongoing retail promotions. The company’s fully functional 480,000 sq. ft. secure, underground warehouses that are embedded with DC connections corroborate the safe storage of products.

Bennett embraces the latest digital technologies to keep its offering up-to-date and deliver unprecedented services to its clients. To that end, the company owns two Barberan High-Speed Digital Printers, the 1260 and 1680, to print superior quality and super-wide sizes in subsequently lower production time and costs. Besides, it even provides sustainable packaging and POP/POS displays by harnessing the latest retail and club store compliance guides for nearautomatic approvals. In addition, Bennett also moves the curve in the brown box business that compliments their contract packaging division when kitting or collating customers’ products, or retail displays. Pairing the finesse of the Barberan digital printers with the muscle of its brown packaging capabilities, creates a perfect solution to full retail display solutions–fully assembled or knocked-down-flat (KDF) kit packs, shipping direct to retail.

We are a one-stop-shop. Be it executing complete design, printing, die-cutting, gluing, and contract packaging, we can do them all

This interesting mix of services and the uncompromised quality that Bennett brings to its customers is exactly what steers it ahead of the competition. “We take utmost pride in our quality standards. Bennett’s quality inspectors continually monitor the quality of products until they’re shipped to the clients,” informs Ramon Reynolds, Director of Supply Chain Management at Bennett. With inspection points throughout the entire packaging process, the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining pristine quality. Just as impressive is the logistics department, which ensures that the products reach the clients on time.

Notably, Bennett’s contract packaging group (CPG) operation has witnessed significant growth over the last five years. With a dedicated 200,000 sq. ft. building, the company offers turnkey retail displays, pallet programs, along with a host of other customized corrugated packing solutions for several reputed clients, including Pokemon USA, Hasbro, Russel Stover Chocolates, Target Corporation, among others. These customers send components directly to the facility, where they are verified, before being moved to the warehouse. The clients are also provided with seamless online access to the inventory, enabling them to view the relevant status and updates.

Sweet mentions that establishing proper communication with target customers has been the longstanding bottleneck of the packaging industry. Often, firms use the cookie-cutter approach of relying on sales associates to interact with their target audience, thereby leading to a gap in effective understanding between the entities. Bennett’s proprietary operating platform enables it to successfully alleviate this pain point and allows project managers to contact consumers directly. This ensures that the same business language is spoken between the two. At the outset, using its efficacious operating tool, Bennett can even set up freight/distribution lanes, track customer responses, manage their inventories through web-based tools, audit their systems, and others, thereby making its clients stronger within the retail marketplace. In fact, Bennett offers ISTA replicated procedures in its testing facility and guarantees that the integrity of the product is well maintained. In that regard, Bennett’s secondary food contact, AIB International Certification makes it an ideal partner for all packaged food products.

At heart, Bennett is driven by the urge to upgrade its offering continually. It never misses a chance to bring unprecedented solutions to the market.

Innovation forms the core of Bennett. Just like the company leaves no stone unturned to optimize customer experiences, it strives hard to keep its employees contented. Sailing through the COVID-19 storm, Bennett is currently adopting the digital route–Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and the likes of it–to keep its company culture intact. That said, it is currently planning to bolster its technical aspects to speed up its processes, increase volumes of production, and offer secondary services to customers through rapid shrink wrapping, faster machine gluing of products, easier filling of items, and other strategies. There is no doubt that Bennett will position itself at the helm of packaging and retail displays innovation in years to come.